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Please consult your healthcare professional/Doctor before taking Tasiron

What is Tasiron®? 

Tasiron® is an innovative approach to daily iron supplementation for your child. Tasiron® contains Ferric pyrophosphate, a well-known iron salt but is specially formulated using liposomal technology. 

Why Tasiron®?

Tasiron® is Tasty, Thoughful and (will make your child) Tough. Unlike other iron preparations, Tasiron’s liposomal technology ensures a great taste, improved absorption, minimal gastric irritation and does not stain teeth. Getting your children to take Tasiron® is as easy as pie! Have a taste yourself and you'll see what we mean...

How does Tasiron® work?

In Tasiron®, the iron is enveloped in a special plant-based lipid bilayer called a liposome. This ensures that Tasiron® gets absorbed differently in the body as compared to conventional iron products, resulting in less irritation of the digestive tract and better absorption. 

What should I know before taking Tasiron®?

Iron supplements like Tasiron can interfere with absorption of certain antibiotics. Use with caution if you are currently taking antibiotics.

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