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What is Nodecay™? 

Nodecay is a proprietary formulation specially designed for preventing the progression of tooth decay. Nodecay prevents the growth of S. mutans, a bacterium responsible for dental caries (decay).

Why Nodecay™? 

Dental decay, also known as caries, happens because of a combination of poor oral hygiene, a diet that is high in sugar and/or simple carbohydrates and presence of cariogenic bacteria, most prominently Streptococcus mutans. Of these, Along with good brushing habits, use of Nodecay can prevent tooth decay.

How does Nodecay™ work?

Nodecay’s active ingredient, IgY, suppresses the growth of S. mutans, reducing the acid secretion that results in caries and eventually, cavities.

What should I know before taking Nodecay™?

Avoid Nodecay if you have an egg allergy. 

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