11 Reasons Why You Should Use BumEaze Baby Wipes

    bumeaze baby wipes

    11 Reasons Why You Should Use BumEaze Baby Wipes

    Baby wipes, nowadays, are available in different styles and sizes. You’ll get reusable, scented or not-scented at all, flip-top packs, and much more. Of course, all baby wipes do the same job, but some do it more effectively, in a baby-friendly manner. BumEaze wipes are thick and super soft, specially designed for your baby’s sensitive skin.

    Whether you already have a baby or are planning to welcome your baby soon, you’d surely want to give attention to comfort, from feeding to clothing. BumEaze takes off the stress of choosing the right wipes for your baby. 

    In this post, we will cover the top reasons why BumEaze baby wipes are the right choice for your little one.

    What Makes BumEaze Baby Wipes Different

    Did you know some baby wipes might contain plastic? Also, while the scent of the wipes might smell nice, it might cause damage to the baby’s sensitive skin. When you choose BumEaze, you choose the best wipes for your baby that are thick, super soft and have the following features.

    100% Biodegradable

    Did you know around 68 billion baby wipes are used each year, which leads to 511,000 tonnes of waste? After using baby wipes, their appropriate disposal is the biggest concern. We are concerned about the increasing environmental impact of baby wipes and their disposal. Thus, we designed eco-friendly baby wipes to protect mother earth and relieve mothers’ pain.

    BumEaze baby wipes are 100% biodegradable and plastic-free. They are cotton-based wipes meant to give your baby the best experience.

    Dermatologically Tested

    Does your baby’s bump have rashes or allergies? If yes, then the chances are that you’ve been using the wrong baby wipes. BumEaze’s wipes come with a dermatologically tested label on the pack. It confirms that the product has been tested under the supervision of professional dermatologists and is found safe for baby’s sensitive skin. BumEaze baby wipes don’t have harsh chemicals that might irritate the baby’s skin.

    Baby Skin Friendly pH 5.5

    Healthy baby skin means they have the right pH. The skin’s natural pH is weakly acidic and might vary between 5 and 5.5.  A high pH or disbalancing might cause long-term damage to the baby’s skin. Also, acidic pH might slow down the growth of microorganisms. Therefore, BumEaze baby wipes have a balanced and skin-friendly pH of 5.5. It provides the best protection to a baby’s feather-like skin.

    Cotton - Based Wipes

    Though it depends on one’s personal preferences, cotton-based wipes are found best for newborn babies. BumEaze wipes effectively release aloe vera gel to clean the baby’s skin to give a soft wiping experience.

    Soft & extra Thick

    Unlike ordinary baby wipes, BumEaze doesn’t use plastic. Some baby wipes can be really harsh and might badly damage your baby’s tender skin. BumEaze wipes are 100% biodegradable, cotton-based and have no plastic. They have a thick layer of cotton to clean baby skin softly.

    Zero alcohol and harmful chemicals

    Did you know that most wipe brands use alcohol in their products? They use alcohol to disinfect the skin after cleaning but eventually damage it. BumEaze wipes have no alcohol. And uses aloe vera and green tea extracts to keep the baby’s skin safe, irritation-free and moisturized. You get nothing but the goodness of natural ingredients with BumEaze wipes.

    Moisture-lock Pack

    Cleaning a baby’s mess can be even more complex when travelling. While the ease of use is essential, the packaging of the wipe is also a big concern. BumEaze wipes come in flip-top packaging, which keeps the wipes moist for a long time. You can buy & store wipes in huge quantities without worrying about their moisture.

    Easy to use

    BumEaze wipes are super soft and easy to use. Thanks to its flip-top packaging, they come in handy while travelling or using them single-handedly. Just open the airlock of the moisture-lock pack, take out the wipes, clean without worrying as BumEaze wipes are 100% biodegradable.

    Soap Free

    The skin pH of newborns can be 6.4 or higher. However, it levels down to 4.9 in a few days. While soap is minimally toxic, it might damage kids’ skin with hypersensitivities. Soap being alkaline, can disbalance the pH in newborn babies and result in microbial growth on the skin. BumEaze wipes are 100% soap-free and thus the preferred choice of mothers.

    Baby & Environment Friendly

    Though wipes are crucial for baby care, their disposal might pose a serious concern. BumEaze wipes tackle this with eco-friendly baby wipes that are 100% biodegradable, cotton-based and plastic-free. They are safe for both earth and babies and do their job efficiently without leaving marks on the body and earth.

    Mom’s Choice

    BumEaze simplifies the journey of new moms with easy-to-use biodegradable wipes. With flip-top packaging, wipes remain moist over a long time - until the last wipe is pulled out. With the moisture-lock pack and thick cotton filling, BumEaze wipes ensure a smooth cleaning experience every time.

    Choosing the right baby wipe is crucial for both baby and mother earth. BumEaze wipes have zero plastic, alcohol and are completely safe. That’s why it is the preferred choice of mothers!

    How to Choose the Best Baby Wipes?

    With different brands of wipes available in the market, it can be tough to choose the right wipe. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing baby wipes.
    • Fewer ingredients are better for less skin irritation
    • Cotton-based wipes are the best
    • Make sure the packaging is travel friendly
    • Check for balanced and skin-friendly pH 5.5

    BumEaze wipes are extremely soft and made of non-toxic chemicals. These wipes are available in packs of 80 and available flip-top travel-friendly packaging, so you can store or carry them wherever you go. You can shop for BumEaze wipes from Inzpera store or leading marketplaces or e-commerce platforms. 

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