How to supplement your diet with turmeric benefits

    Have you considered including turmeric to your diet?

    You would be surprised to know the wonderful benefits of it!

    Here is a guide to help you supplement your diet with turmeric -

    Turmeric is a very well known spice all around Asia and the subcontinent region. It’s roots of discovery trace all the way back to 2600 to 2200 BCE in India and it was widely introduced to other Asian cultures in Thailand and China Other than its general  use in culinary arts it is lauded for properties that act as an ayurvedic medicine. Much of the Ayurvedic community finds itself praising the golden spice as they call it for its powerful effects in the field of Ayurvedic medicine. 

     The major chemical extract and constituents of turmeric spice is curcumin which is responsible for most of the benefits and properties of the spice itself.

     There are many options like having turmeric in food, turmeric milk, haldi tablets, turmeric drops and curcumin supplements. Turmeric & its supplement has common problem of poor absorption hence less effect. When you need maximum effectiveness Curcumin should be the choice.

    •  Curcumin supplements are more effective than haldi tablets as they contain 95% more Curcumin extracts than regular turmeric which only contains 3% of Curcumin. It is very easy and convenient these days for anyone to buy curcumin supplements online. One such brand that has an expertise in this is Curkey, Curkey is a very well known brand from Inzpera Health Sciences which is a subsidiary of Tata Industries Ltd. Curkey pastilles has curcumin which gets easily absorbed in the body by virtue of the efficient scientific Buccal Absorption Technology (BAT). The recommended dosage is 5 Curkey pastilles per day with a gradual reduction to 2 per day.

     As we can see that indeed Curcumin supplements are more effective than plain Haldi Tablets and Turmeric liquid extracts

     Curkey pastilles provide tasty mint flavour and are sugar free. Thus making it easily accepted by both adults & children. The online shopping feature for Curkey pastilles makes the whole process way easier and convenient for you. One should consider Curkey if they want to buy curcumin supplements online.


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    How to supplement your diet with turmeric benefits

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