How Is Juski Hand Sanitizer Different From Other Brand Hand Sanitizers?

    juski hand sanitizer

    How Is Juski Hand Sanitizer Different From Other Brand Hand Sanitizers?

    During the covid-19 outbreak and even beyond, a few things have become an integral part of our everyday life: social distancing and hand washing. At the heart of all this are hand sanitizers and masks.

    Before the pandemic, hardly anyone had purchased a hand sanitizer or used it daily, but covid-19 changed the habits. As per data, hand sanitizer sales jumped 600% in 2020 during the outbreak, resulting in thousands of new players setting up their tents.

    At this point, there are thousands of hand sanitizers available in different types, contents, and fragrances available in the market. Therefore, it becomes complicated to find the right one. But the best hand sanitizer kills all the germs, provides complete protection against germs, and protects skin due to excessive usage.

    Juski Hand Sanitizer is FDA approved to kill 99.9% of germs and is friendly for all skin types. Unlike many hand sanitizers in the market,  Juski Hand Sanitizer not just sanitizes your hands but also keeps them moist all day as it contains the richness of aloe vera and other natural ingredients. That’s not all; here are a few things that make Juski hand sanitizer different from others.

    Reasons Why Juski Hand Sanitizer Is The Best Choice

    All hand sanitizers essentially work similarly, but they might vary in effectiveness and contents. Juski hand sanitizer provides better protection against germs and protects your skin. It is a gel-based sanitizer that works very effectively! Here are a few more reasons why Juski hand sanitizer is the best choice.

    Complete Protection

    Germs are everywhere, on every surface. They can transmit to hands from any surface during regular activities. Juski hand sanitizers are FDA approved to kill all types of germs that are commonly found on human skin.

    FDA Approved Formulas

    Juski hand sanitizer is on the list of FDA’s approved hand sanitizers and over-the-counter drugs. FDA approves sanitizers based on the strength of the alcohol. Juski hand sanitizer provides better protection against germs in the absence of soap and water.

    Enriched With Natural Extracts

    Multiple factors come into play when selecting the correct type of hand sanitizer. Juski hand sanitizer is gel-based and enriched with the goodness of aloe vera to keep the hands moist all day with a lovely fragrance.

    Difference Between Liquid and Gel Hand Sanitizers

    Let’s admit it, both gel and liquid hand sanitizers are scientifically effective: as long as you apply them appropriately. The major difference between these two comes when you look for certain aspects, such as their physical properties and how effectively they work.

    A few studies have found that gel-based sanitizers are more effective than liquid hand sanitizers. Though liquid sanitizers have a faster-acting rate of 15 seconds, gel-based hand sanitizers take 30 seconds but provide complete protection against a range of bacteria. Additionally, its particles remain on the skin to provide longer protection against germs and bacterias.

    Liquid-based sanitizers taking more extended time might result in decreased efficiency. Liquid sanitizers don't linger on the skin and evaporate quickly due to alcohol content. This significantly reduces the effectiveness of the solution.

    Liquid sanitizers, on the other hand, are very effective and take less time to act. They don’t evaporate instantly and last on the skin, providing better safety. Juski hand sanitizer is FDA approved, which supports its efficiency. Furthermore, they are easy to apply; just squeeze, rub, and it will start working.

    While both gel and liquid hand sanitizers effectively kill bacteria; gel-based hand sanitizers provide better protection regardless of skin types or conditions. However, if you are allergic or have eczema or other skin diseases, you better consult to your doctor before using any hand sanitizer.

    How to Effectively Use Juski Hand Sanitizer

    As sanitizer’s effectiveness primarily depends on its application, it is better to understand the proper use of a hand sanitizer. Juski hand sanitizer is a gel-based solution that comes in handy for all types of skins.

    Here is how to use Juski hand sanitizer for fast & effective results.

    • Apply a sufficient amount of hand sanitizer and rub on your hand
    • Rub your hands together and thoroughly to ensure that it reaches your fingertips, nails, and back of your hands as well.
    • Continue rubbing until the gel becomes liquid and it evaporates
    • Don’t get closed to gas burners, flames, or any burning object

    Juski hand sanitizer has aloe vera to keep your hands safe and moist even when the solution evaporates from the surface.

    Why Are Gel Based Hand Sanitizers Best?

    As mentioned earlier, gel sanitizers take longer to evaporate, resulting in increased effectiveness, unlike regular hand sanitizers. Gel sanitizer is the most common type of hand sanitizer that can be dispensed easily by an open flip-top bottle that is travel-friendly too.

    Besides effectiveness, there are many reasons why gel-based sanitizers are considered best. Gel-based sanitizers have been around for a good time now, and they have become a preferred choice. They last longer and can be easily reached around your fingers. It effectively kills all types of germs and doesn’t evaporate soon. The prime concern with gel-based sanitizers is that they must be applied in a large quantity, but Juski hand sanitizer is different. Even a single drop of this gel-based hand sanitizer will work effectively. 

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