Curkey (Pack of 10 pastilles)
Curkey (Pack of 10 pastilles)
Curkey (Pack of 10 pastilles)
Curkey (Pack of 10 pastilles)
Curkey (Pack of 10 pastilles)
Curkey (Pack of 10 pastilles)
Curkey (Pack of 10 pastilles)
Curkey (Pack of 10 pastilles)
Curkey (Pack of 10 pastilles)

Curkey (Pack of 10 pastilles)

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  • Curkey┬« contains Curcumin, the powerful active ingredient extracted from natural turmeric (Haldi - Curcuma longa)
  • Power-packed Curcumin with the strength of 30X Turmeric in each pastille
  • Buccal Absorption Technology (BAT) in Curkey┬« helps in direct Curcumin absorption into the blood, leading to quick relief
  • Curcumin has 5-fold action 1. Anti-viral, 2. Anti-bacterial, 3. Anti-inflammatory, 4. Anti-allergic and 5. Anti-oxidant
  • It provides all-round coverage- reduces throat pain, fights viral & bacterial infections, and builds immunity
  • Quick relief from sore throat and respiratory infections like cough and the common cold
  • On regular use, its anti-oxidant property helps build the bodyÔÇÖs natural immunity against seasonal and recurring infections
  • Mouth dissolving soft pastilles with tasty mint flavor
  • Sugar-free & safe for long term usages
  • Clinically proven & recommended by Doctors
  • Curkey┬« is certified by AYUSH

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Swallowing v/s Sucking

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Why curkey is more than Lozenges?

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What is the preferred way of having Curkey®?

Place Curkey® between the gums and cheek, and suck it slowly until it dissolves completely. Do not chew or swallow the pastille as it will bring down its efficacy.

Is Curkey® approved by the medical and regulatory authorities?

Of course, Curkey® is approved by the state FDA in Maharashtra & AYUSH. It is clinically proven & widely prescribed by Doctors.

When should I use Curkey®?

Ideally keep Curkey® handy at home at all times. Curkey® provides all-round action- reduces throat pain, fights viral & bacterial respiratory infections and builds immunity.

How long will it take to feel better?

You will start feeling better right from the first pastille itself (provided it is consumed as advised). However, it is advised to take the 3-5 pastilles for 4 days. As immunity booster supplement it is advised to take 1 pastille of Curkey® every day for a 3-month period.

Is Curkey® safe for children?

Curkey® is herbal & ayurvedic as the main ingredient is Curcumin which is the active ingredient of natural Turmeric. It is not recommended in children under 5 years because of choking hazard.

What about taste?

Curkey® is sugar free & has soothing mint flavour. Curkey® is a tasty way to keep you in best of the health.