Juski Reusable Protective Mask for Women-B (Pack of 2)

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What is Juski Mask®? 

Juski stands for "Just keep distance". Juski product range helps you keep a distance from all the invisible elements that could potentially harm you if they gain entry into your body.

Why Juski Mask®? 

Juski is a reusable 100% pure cotton mask, which has been specially designed for you keeping in mind 

  1. Protection: The mask comes with a triple layer of protection with an anti-microbial finish which prevents microbes from entering your body.
  2. Comfort & Breathability: We understand your concern regarding comfort and safety, hence Juski has been developed with 100% cotton fabric which is safe for the skin and causes minimal discomfort even after long hours of wearing. At the end of the day, a mask is useful only if worn!
  3. Quality: We have partnered with Welspun, one of the largest terry towel producers in the world, for the fabric used in Juski. The coming together of two trusted brands, Tata and Welspun, helps ensure the quality and purity of Juski. Juski Mask can be washed and reused up to 50 times. 

How to use Juski Mask®?

  1. Ensure that you wash or sanitize your hands prior to wearing the mask
  2. Adjust the ear loops as per your fit and comfort and lock it in the desired position using the toggle & lock feature provided.
  3. Adjust the mask securely on the bridge of the nose & under the chin  
  4. Ensure that the nose and mouth are fully covered with the mask
  5. Wash the mask every day after use and ensure that it is completely dry before the next use

When to use Juski Mask®?

Juski Mask is all charged up to be at your service whenever you step outdoors or in a public space.

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