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Juski Teens

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  • Juski Super comfortable reusable anti-microbial protective masks have been specially designed for– Men, Women, Teenz and Kids.
  • Triple layer protection with BFE and PFE  up to 95%.
  • Unique snug-fit, adjust-to-lock feature and trendy design.
  • Superior breathability and reusable up to 50 washes.


Why do I need to wear a Juski mask?

We understand it can be a little inconvenient to put a mask whenever you go out but considering the rise of
COVID 19 pandemic, the illness in communities across the country is widespread. Keeping in mind your
comfort, we bring to you Juski mask which is supercomfortable, reusable anti-microbial protective masks with
triple layer protection. Juski mask offers a unique snug fit and adjust-to-lock feature, to cover your nose and
mouth completely and helps you to comfortably mask up for 8hours.

When do I need to wear a Juski mask?

It is best if you wear the mask whenever you are likely to be exposed to community settings, especially in
situations where being near people is unavoidable, eg, grocery stores, pharmacies etc. But we should also keep
in mind that these face coverings are not a substitute for social distancing.

How should I wash this mask?

We recommend you to hand wash the mask. Gently massage it with soap water, rinse gently and let it drip dry.
Avoid subjecting the mask to machine wash.

Can the mask be ironed?

We know, you love your ironed clothes but you cannot iron Juski mask. Ironing the mask may cause damage to
the middle layer of the mask and hamper its filtrtion efficiency.

Is this mask resistant to facial allergies?

Facial allergies can be caused due to various reasons. It also varies from person to person. Juski mask however
does not guarantee reisitance to facial allergies.

Is Juski mask as good as N95 masks?

Well, Juski mask would not help to screen out the virus completely, however, it does significantly help reduce the probability of getting infected. Juski masks comes with triple layer protection with anti-microbial lining. The middle layer is the filtration layer which offers more than 95% bacterial filtration efficiency for 3microns and
particle filtration efficiency upto 95% for 3microns.

Will the mask fit me as I have a smaller/bigger face?

Don't worry, we have got you covered, as Juski masks comes in three sizes exclusively designed for men, women
and kids. It is engineered to provide snug fit and adjust to lock feature and hence can be adjusted as per one' s comfort level.

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