Juski Combo pack of 3

Juski Combo pack of 3

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  • Juski anti-microbial masks protect you against microbes and prevent the spread of infections
  • Three Layered Filtration Technology as per WHO (World Health Organization) guidelines:  Outer layer - droplet and splash resistant, Middle layer - 99% anti-microbial with silver technology, Inner layer - 100% cotton to absorb droplets.
  • Breathable mask for easy 8-hour usage - as per WHO recommended mask breathability scale MBPS (Mask breathability Pressure Scale) 
  • Reusable & Washable up to 50 times
  • Super comfortable with 100% cotton and lightweight
  • Adjustable ear loops for a perfect fit
  • Contour shape for best fit on nose & jawline
  • Made with safe and eco-friendly AZO-free dyes
  • Trendy designs to suit all outfits
  • Customized sizes and designs for women, men, youngsters & kids
  • Manufactured according to CDC (Centre for Disease Control) guidelines
  • With every purchase, a contribution goes to a social cause

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Rajesh Saksena

Juski Combo pack of 3

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Juski Combo pack of 3

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Juski Combo pack of 3


How should I wash Juski face mask?

Please hand wash the mask. Gently massage it with soap water, rinse gently and let it drip dry. If you accidentally wash the mask in a machine, please discard it immediately as machine washing can damage the anti-microbial middle layer. Replace with new Juski mask after 50 washes.

Can the mask be ironed?

We know, you love your ironed clothes but you cannot iron Juski mask. Ironing the mask may cause damage to the anti-microbial middle layer and reduce its filtration efficiency..

What about facial allergies?

Facial allergies can be caused due to various reasons. It also varies from person to person. Every care has been taken to prevent incidence of facial allergies. However, please stop using the mask and consult a doctor immediately.

Is Juski a N95 mask?

No, Juski masks are not N95. Juski masks comes with triple layer protection conforming to WHO guidelines and is designed for comfort with 100% cotton inner and outer layers. The middle layer is a filtration layer that offers 99% anti-microbial action.

Will the mask fit me as I have a smaller/bigger face?

Don't worry, we have got you covered, as Juski masks comes in three sizes exclusively designed for men, women and kids. It is engineered to provide snug fit and adjust to lock feature and hence can be adjusted as per one' s comfort level.