Quick Relief
from Sore Throat

Put sore throat on another boat!

Comfortable & Happy

Cause it feels like you're wearing nothing

100% Biodegradable
Cleansing Wet Wipes

Extra soft wipes approved by Mums and Mother Nature.

We believe in shifting the state of patients from Illness to Wellness.

Through our products, we make your experience of staying healthy 'Joyful'.


Bumeaze baby wipes are very good and soft, now we use bumeaze for our baby

Radha Rani

I am writing this review on behalf of my father who is 80+. He is not very comfortable using masks and is forever grumbling about them either too tight or too loose; or then the material being rough. With Juski masks, most of his complaints have been addressed and he is actually comfortable using the mask.

Raja Rao

As the season changes my throat gets affected. The home remedies take longer. 1 pastille of Curkey is a quick solution to my itchy throat. You should always keep a pack of curkey handy, it's a life saver!