Why Curkey is Better Than Other Sore Throat Remedies?

why curkey is better for sore throat

Why Curkey is Better Than Other Sore Throat Remedies?

Is your throat irritated and itchy? 

Is your voice hoarse with frequent bouts of coughing? 

Are you feeling uneasy; unable to concentrate on your work? 

This is a sign of sore throat. A sore throat is not only due to cold and flu but happens for other reasons like pollution, smoking, and allergies amongst other factors. 

Many of the affected try sore throat home remedies that may work or not work. Many of us will be popping pills and sucking on throat lozenges desperately. Some may even try cough syrup and then feel drowsy all day. So, what is the right solution for this? Let us first look at some of the causes of a sore throat and then we can go on the remedy part later.  

Typical Causes of a Sore Throat

  1. Cold and flu are viral infections that are the primary reason behind ninety percent of the sore throat causes. Other than that, some strains of streptococcus bacteria also cause throat and tonsil infections. 
  2. Pollution, smoking, inhalation of paint, and industrial toxic fumes also cause sore throat.   
  3. Allergy especially pollen, pet hairs, mold, and dust can give cold-like symptoms including, teary eyes, runny nose, sneezing, coughing, and a sore throat.  
  4. Changing season also makes us susceptible to infections that cause sore throat.  
  5. Indiscriminate use of AC in summers and hot air blowers and heaters in winter reduces moisture in the indoor air. The result is dry eyes, nose, and a dry throat that deteriorates into a sore throat.  
  6. If you are a compulsive talker or work in a field where you have to shout continuously, then you are also in danger of developing a chronic sore throat problem and may already have one. 

So, these are some of the instances where a sore throat problem develops. Many of us try several forms of sore throat remedies to rectify this. You may consume cough drops or syrups for temporary relief. 

Why not go for something that will provide instant relief and also cure the underlying cause of the infection. What if there was goodness of home remedy through an old, ancient, traditional, natural ingredient? 

Here is where Curkey comes in. Curkey is formulated with the goodness of CURCUMIN sourced from TURMERIC (Haldi, Manjal, etc.) and modern science. It has been developed after thorough R&D and has proved more effective than home remedies and generic cough drops altogether. Let’s look at how curcumin provides relief in throat and lung issues. 

Check out this website for information on Curcumin where we talk about the 5-fold action. 

Curcumin Action

Curcumin lowers the inflammation-creating enzymes and inhibits the activation of inflammation-causing proteins. Curcumin acts by suppressing the various cell-signaling inflammatory protein pathways especially TNF-alpha and the NF kappa-b. It results in the reduction of inflammation and pain in the airway and lung tissues which provides relief and cure from sore throat symptoms.  
After learning about curcumin action, let’s look in detail at why Curkey is a highly effective sore throat remedy and should be your first choice as a relief measure. 


Contrary to popular belief, sore throat or throat infections are not reserved for winters only. They can strike anytime whether it be summers, monsoons, or autumn season. As explained above, pollution, smoking, season change, temperature fluctuations including heavy use of ACs and heaters, shouting and speaking continuously for a long time can also trigger a sore throat and related respiratory issues. To address this issue, Curkey was developed. The primary ingredient in Curkey is curcumin that is sourced from turmeric. As we all know, turmeric is predominantly used for different health benefits and also as one of the sore throat home remedies but turmeric as such has only about 3%
curcumin and not all of that gets absorbed into the body. By applying
ancient ayurvedic knowledge of Turmeric with cutting-edge research
and development undertaken by our team of scientists, Curkey was
developed with a concentrated dose of 100 mg Curcumin.

This in effect has more than 30 times the advantage of using raw turmeric. It is readily absorbed into the body and works effectively to lower throat pain, boost immunity and fight against viral and bacterial infections. 

Other than that, Curkey is soft and sugar-free with a delicious minty taste. You keep it in your mouth until the pastille dissolves. You don’t have to chew or swallow it. The curcumin in it gets absorbed into the bloodstream providing 9 times more curcumin absorption in the body than other digestive curcumin supplements. (All this is achieved through buccal absorption. It is a simple and effective method through which the intended drug is released quickly in the body. Here the Curkey pastille is to be kept between the gums and the cheeks. You do not have to chew it. It will reach the bloodstream directly as the inner cheek area is full of tiny blood vessels called capillaries. These capillaries absorb the curcumin directly in the bloodstream providing a quick and highly effective remedy. So, you get the relief quickly and enjoy the delicious pastille taste for a comparatively long time.)

To get complete relief from sore throat continue taking Curkey pastilles for about 4 days. To build immunity and thus higher protection from viruses, microbes, and seasonal ailments, start taking Curkey pastilles regularly. Within 3 months you will start seeing the difference and build a strong immune system.


So, these are some of the reasons why you should choose Curkey as your go-to throat remedy. Curkey lowers inflammation and has antioxidant properties. It also helps in containing allergy symptoms and is anti-viral and anti-bacterial too. It combines in itself all the knowledge of traditional sore throat home remedies along with modern-day research benefits. Make Curkey a part of your daily supplement uptake and develop strong immunity and resistance. 

You can buy Curkey at Inzpera store as well as other leading e-commerce platforms and marketplaces. 

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