How to choose the right mask (WHO recommendation)

With this unforeseeable pandemic, one thing has made certain that wearing face masks has become a life-saver now more than ever. But not every mask is the guardian of life. The right face mask has noticeable features and should be considered while choosing the mask.

 Let’s look up at those factors and characteristics which makes the mask right as per WHO (World Health Organization) guidelines.


  • Triple Layered

WHO recommends the right face mask is the one that has multiple layers of fabric that prevents the virus from entering the mouth or nose. The inner layers should have a soft fabric that would absorb the sweat and moisture from the face. Juski masks fall under WHO-recommended mask standards and are triple-layered anti-microbial masks.

  • Perfect Fit

Choose the mask that fits perfectly on the face. Make sure that the mask should cover the face and nose perfectly without leaving any gaps. Juski masks are specially designed to cover both face and nose area to prevent any entrance of dirt, virus, bacteria, etc.

  • Customizable Size

The only thing difficult to find is a customizable mask made just for you. We all love to mix and match our masks with our outfits but it’s the size which matters the most. Juski masks have stepped into your rescue. Juski masks have customized size & design for kids, youth, women and men. You get right size & right protection with Juski.

So, now you know what your right face mask should look like. Don’t forget to check out & buy face mask online on Juski website.


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