Is it safe to reuse face masks?

 The year 2020 has taught us a lot about sanitizing our hands, wearing a mask before going out and maintaining social distancing guidelines in public outside the comfort of our homes. Over the past year and a half these precautionary measures should have become second nature to us and yet we fail to comply with these safety norms. One of the most neglected of these norms is  that of wearing face masks. We often see people violating this rule, they either don't wear a mask at all and use handkerchiefs instead or they wear a mask improperly without covering their mouth and nose completely. It is not surprising to see how the number of cases worldwide are the largest ever in recent months due to this negligence.

 There are two kinds of face masks available-  disposable & reusable.

 Disposable masks should be discarded after single use. While reusable or washable masks can be cleaned and reused.

  •  Wash your face masks regularly - It is important to wash the face mask after every use once back home from the outdoors. One should sanitize hands & handwash the mask with soap followed by rinsing it and then leaving it to dry.
  •  Ensure your face mask is in good condition - It is important to check your face mask regularly to see if there are any holes, tatters or flaws in the mask. One such mask that stays durable and is comfortable for the face is Juski mask. Juski mask has triple layer protection & 99% anti-microbial filter. Juski masks make protection comfortable with adjustable ear loops and 100% cotton breathable inner and outer layers. It comes in various designs and sizes suited for men, women and children.
  •  Replace your face mask after 50 washes (might vary depending on the mask)  - It is a safety precaution to keep replacing your mask with a new face mask after prolonged use.

Juski face masks can be reused upto fifty washes, after that the filtration loses its efficiency. Therefore it is recommended to replace the face mask after the 50th wash.

 So in a nutshell wash them regularly, ensure they are in great condition and replace them after the 50th wash and you're good to go. Looks like it is time for all of us to invest  in a more comfortable , reliable , durable and safety assured mask like that of Juski.

 Buy Juski face mask online now .

Is it safe to reuse face masks?

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