Why do you catch a sore throat on a holiday?

While travelling, we often move from one climatic zone to another and with variations in the local climate, one can experience various discomforts such as pain, dryness and a constant itch in the throat. If you are a frequent traveler, then chances are that you might already be familiar with this menace and the inconvenience it causes. You can’t really go out and enjoy even the most beautiful of sceneries or the most delicious cuisines when you are affected by sore throat. Sore throat can make it extremely difficult to swallow food or even to speak.

sore throat on a holiday

Fact is, on an average every 3rd person traveling to a foreign country experiences a sore throat. The reason why this happens is that there is generally greater exposure to various cold viruses that one’s body is usually not used to. That’s why viral infections are common among travelers. During journeys overseas, it is not only the viruses, but also various contagions caused by bacteria that can spread through airborne droplets or on touching contaminated surfaces. Such bacterial infections can also cause bacterial sore throat which is often called Strep (is this correct? Or should it be Sore?) Throat.

Often the discomfort is so severe that we need to look for a medicine for pain in the throat.The throat pain is one of the commonest symptoms of the problem and it is generally caused by viral infections or dry air that we experience due to environmental factors. The severity of discomfort can vary and there are times when it is only a mild itchiness and the best remedy for sore throat in such cases is to let it go away on its own.

Depending on the area of throat affected by the problem, the infection is categorized into three categories:

Pharyngitis – It affects the area right behind the mouth.

Tonsillitis – It is a highly uncomfortable swelling and redness affecting the tonsils which are soft tissue at the back of the mouth.

Laryngitis – It causes swelling in the larynx and causes speech discomforts and pain. Imagine the situation where you are on a much sought after foreign holiday and you get hit by sore throat! In a foreign land, it is always extremely challenging to visit a doctor and often a costly affair too. Hence, generally travelers prefer self-treatment over searching for a doctor or hospitalization.

The commonest cause of sore throat is viral infection which accounts for almost 90% of the cases, at times pollution, dry air or even an injury can cause soreness of throat. In such cases throat pain remedies are essential in relieving the discomfort. In India, there are various home remedies for sore throat such as gargling with salt water, consumption of warm liquids such as honey lemon tea, herbal teas or even warm water with lemon juice in it.

However, when you need remedies for burning (is this the correct word to use here?) throat, the best sore throat medicines can be lozenges containing curcumin, the highly beneficial element which makes turmeric an essential part of various home remedies. By placing the lozenges in the mouth and slowly sucking them like a candy, one can get instant relief from throat pain. Curkey is a fantastic curcumin-based medicine that is available in the form of pastilles regularly to ensure that the body’s immunity remains strong. Since it is a natural element, curcumin has no side effects. It is fat soluble so it can be consumed with fatty meals as well. All you need to do is to carry Curkey as an essential item on all your holidays. One single pastille of Curkey has 100 mg of curcumin which works as a great remedy for sore throat.

Alongside consuming Curkey, you should consume warm liquids such as tea and coffee and drink lukewarm water to soothe your throat. It is essential to keep yourself well hydrated, but avoid any cold beverages and foods such as curd.

Sore throat is a common problem and when you are traveling with family or in groups, even if you don’t experience a sore throat, you are likely to come across someone who does. Hence, adopt the ‘sharing is caring’ concept and share your Curkey as well as this #Curkey1minuteVigyaan with your friends, family & colleagues and make this world a healthier place to live in.


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