Why is curcumin better as a medicine?

We all know the incredible benefits turmeric offers as a medicinal herb. The strong fragrant spice has been an integral part of Indian cooking as well as Ayurvedic medicine. The distinct colour, healing properties and most of the health benefits of the golden spice comes from curcumin, a naturally occurring substance. With advances in healthcare research and realization of curcumin’s benefits, it has now started generating a lot of interest as an ingredient of modern medicine for a number of ailments. Scientists have been extracting it as a separate substance and researching its ability to treat various medical conditions. Curcumin has very strong anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties that help heal wounds. Used independently, curcumin has shown better results in curbing type 2 diabetes compared to plain turmeric.

curcumin as a medicine

Another major benefit of curcumin is its ability to provide quick relief in sore throat and related discomforts such as pain and irritation of the throat. Typically, as one of the popular home remedies for sore throat, turmeric milk is advised. However, the biggest challenge comes from the fact that curcumin is found in very low quantities in turmeric. That’s why it is important to choose products which contain curcumin concentrate to get better and quicker relief. For instance, if you or anyone close to you is looking for a solution for pain in the throat then consuming Curkey pastilles can provide quicker relief, as one pastille of Curkey has 100 mg of curcumin which is equivalent to the curcumin content of 30 glasses of turmeric milk.

How you take curcumin is equally important. You should keep a pastille of Curkey in your mouth, preferably in the space between the teeth and the jaw or cheek, and allow it to dissolve naturally. That is, suck on a Curkey, and you will get up to 9 times more curcumin available for absorption compared to swallowing or chewing it.

Curkey is absolutely safe and it doesn’t cause any side effects and that is why doctors are confident recommending it to most people suffering from a sore throat.

You too can confidently share this #Curkey1minuteVigyaan with your friends, family and colleagues and help everyone live a healthier life.


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