Tasiron-15 (3 Strips of 10 Chewable Tablets)

Tasiron-15 (3 Strips of 10 Chewable Tablets)

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Please consult your healthcare professional/Doctor before taking Tasiron-15®

What is Tasiron-15®? 

Tasiron®-15 is an innovative way to supplement daily iron if your child needs it. Tasiron®-15 comes in an attractive and convenient chewable tablet format in a delicious blackberry flavour of a well-known iron salt Ferric Di-phosphate and Quatrefolic - 4th generation folic acid.

Why Tasiron-15®? 

Adequate iron intake is extremely crucial, especially in the formative years of life. Iron plays a critical role in the circulation of oxygen to different parts of the body and its deficiency is the most common cause of iron deficiency anaemia in the world. 80% of children in India are iron deficient, make sure yours aren’t.

Tasiron®-15 is Tasty, Thoughtful and (will make your child) Tough. Unlike other iron supplements, Tasiron®-15 offers a great taste, enhanced absorption, and minimal gastric irritation

How does Tasiron-15® work?

The iron salt in Tasiron®-15 is enveloped in a special plant-based lipid bilayer called a liposome. This liposomal technology ensures that Tasiron® gets absorbed differently in the body as compared to conventional iron products, resulting in less irritation of the digestive tract and better iron absorption, thus causing less side effects. 

How to take Tasiron-15®?

Tear open the pack and pop Tasiron-15 chewable tablet in the mouth and chew it. Consume it once daily or as directed by your healthcare professional

What should I know before taking Tasiron-15®?

If you wish to make sure that the child has iron deficiency, you can consult a doctor.

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Tasiron-15 (3 Strips of 10 Chewable Tablets)

Best iron tablets

I have given Tasiron chewable tablets to both my kids aged 6 and 4, they probably enjoy eating it, maybe they like the taste, it is far far better than giving black colored syrup which makes the teeth black aftr giving it continuously