Bowmuv (Pack of 7 sachets)
Bowmuv (Pack of 7 sachets)
Bowmuv (Pack of 7 sachets)
Bowmuv (Pack of 7 sachets)
Bowmuv (Pack of 7 sachets)

Bowmuv (Pack of 7 sachets)

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  • The first symbiotic formulation with Bacillus coagulans and FOSaddressing the imbalance in gut microflora
  • Bowmuv maintains healthy bowel movement
  • Promotes growth of good gut bacteria for healthy digestive system
  • Delicious pineapple flavour

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Benefits of Bowmuv

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B. coagulans (probiotic) helps restore the gut microflora and acts as a osmotic stimulant

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What is the preferred way of taking Bowmuv?

Bowmuv comes in a delicious aam panna flavour and can easily be consumed by mixing with 50ml of water .

Bowmuv comprises of Senna, is it safe for my child?

Bowmuv is packed with the goodness of probiotic B. coagulans(1 bn CFU) and Senna (7.5mg). Senna when used in small amounts causes absolutely no harm and It is recommended by USFDA as a non-prescription drug and is also included in the FSSAI list in India. Also, according to National Institute of Health and Care Excellence, Senna is safe to be used even in 1 month old baby.

How long will it take for Bowmuv to show results?

Bowmuv will start to show results within 6-8 hours of administration

How is Bowmuv different from other laxatives?

Bowmuv is the first of its kind osmotic stimulant laxative. Bowmuv provides dual benefit as the probiotic component in it helps restore the gut microflora and senna helps promote disimpaction.

How long should Bowmuv be taken?

The course for Bowmuv is three days, one sachet prioir to bed time. However, we would recommend you to follow the dosage as suggested by your healthcare professional.