Imki (60 ml syrup)

Imki (60 ml syrup)

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Please consult your healthcare professional/Doctor before taking Imki®

What is Imki®? 

Imki® is a unique combination of Beta-glucan, Elderberry extract, Vitamin C and Zinc. Numerous scientific studies have indicated that the ingredients of Imki® have the ability to reduce the duration and severity of viral infections. Long term usage provides immunity and reduces the episodes of infection

Why Imki®? 

While viral infections are unavoidable and are part and parcel of daily life, their effects don't have to stay with us for longer than absolutely necessary. Imki® helps ensure quicker relief from the symptoms of viral infections. 

How does Imki® work?

Beta-glucan in Imki®, stimulates the immune system and boosts the body's natural defence against infections. Imki® also contains Elderberry extract, nature's potent anti-viral which inhibits the ability of the virus to replicate and spread

How to take Imki®?

Pour 5 ml of Imki® into the provided Truserv measuring spoon and administer into the child's mouth. Wash the Truserv spoon with water and dry for subsequent use. We recommend 5 ml of Imki® twice a day for 6 days. If Imki has been recommended by your health professional, please follow their advice. 

What should I know before taking Imki®?

Imki® has no known contraindications. However, since it is recommended by your health professional, please follow his/her recommendation

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