Imki (60 ml syrup)
Imki (60 ml syrup)
Imki (60 ml syrup)
Imki (60 ml syrup)

Imki (60 ml syrup)

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  • Imki® is a unique combination of Beta-glucan, Elderberry extract, Vitamin C and Zinc.
  • Ingredients of Imki® have the ability to reduce the duration and severity of viral infections.
  • Long term usage provides immunity and reduces the episodes of infection.
  • Forest fruit flavor.
  • FSSAI approved.

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Thulasiram V

It’s working like a charm

usha V
Good pack

Good packing immunity booster

Mohammed Akhter Mohiuddin

Imki (60 ml syrup)

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How long can Imki be taken?

Imki in common viral infections can be taken for 6 days and to boost immunity can be taken for 12 weeks. The ingredients in Imki are safe for daily consumption for children above 1 year of age.

How long it will take to get relief from common viral infections?

With Imki there is significant relief from common viral infections in first 48 hours but you should complete the
therapy as recommended by your healthcare professional for maximum effectiveness.

What is the recommended age group for taking Imki?

Imki can be given to children above 1 year of age.

What is the preferred way of taking Imki?

Each pack of Imki comes with speaciallly designed Truserv measuring spoon. We recommed you to pour recom-
mended dose of Imki in the Truserv measuring spoon and then administer it to your child.

Are there any side effects related to consumption of Imki?

There are no reported side effects with the ingredients used in Imki. Β-glucan in Imki has GRAS (Generally Recog-
nized As Safe) and FSSAI states Elderberry extract is Health/Dietary supplement safe for
every day consumption