Tep-AD (Pack of 30 sachets)
Tep-AD (Pack of 30 sachets)
Tep-AD (Pack of 30 sachets)
Tep-AD (Pack of 30 sachets)
Tep-AD (Pack of 30 sachets)

Tep-AD (Pack of 30 sachets)

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  • Tep-AD is an innovative “Inside Out” approach to heal your gut for healthy skin
  • With the goodness of therapeutically efficacious probiotic Lactobacillus salivarious LS01, Tep-AD addresses the inside cause of AD i.e. imbalance of gut bacteria (microbiota) to promote healthy skin functioning
  • Tep-AD comes in delicious vanilla flavor and consumption of Tep-AD as recommended by your health professional helps boosts overall SKIMMUNITY


What is the preferred way of taking Tep-AD?

Tep-AD dose come in sachet format. The powder can be directly consumed or can be consumed by mixing with water or any juice.

What is the age group for using Tep-AD?

Tep-AD is safe and can be administered to all age groups right from new born babies.

Is the dosage same for kids and adults?

No, kids and adults have different dosages. For kids the dosage is : 1 sachet daily for eight weeks followed by 1 sachet every alternate day for 8 more weeks. While for adults the dosage is: 1 sachet daily for 16 weeks.

How can oral medication help treat atopic dermatitis?

One of the lesser known fact is, that atopic dermatitis is caused due to the imbalance in the gut microflora. To treat this very imbalance, bring to you Tep-AD which is one of its kind therapeutically efficacious probiotic which helps restore the imbalance of gut microflora and treat the root cause of atopic dermatitis.